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Whew! It's Been a While!

I'll be honest: blogging is not my strong suit. Editing pictures and handing them to our clients earlier than they expected? YEP! Kicking butt as a teacher by day and a mom 24/7? I like to think and hope so! But blogging? NOPE.

We've always posted our sneak peeks for our clients on our facebook page and then instagram came along and that was hard to juggle. Then blogging came along and that was harder to juggle. Add in having had two babies, two senior dogs that went to puppy heaven, and a new puppy and kitten in the house since my last blog was written and you can kiss any writing goodbye!

But 2020 is a new year and a new opportunity! I want our clients to get to know us as people, as parents, as a couple, and as photographers. I want them to see our behind the scenes shots, learn about the clients we shoot and the stories behind their sessions, and really understand why we love doing this. That's why my resolution is to connect with you here way more than once a year (or once every two, haha!) So, I promise to see you here again soon!

Top Left: Our crazy, clever Chloe Alonna. She's our first born and our most spoiled (like in the rotten way that we're trying to control! 😫) But she's also sweet, and has a sense humor like her daddy (prankster but you'd never know by looking at him.)

Top Middle: Our baby boy Lucas with the cheeks that won't quit and that I hope will never go away but sadly, I know they will. He's sweet and smart and knows how to share (second kid.) But he has a temper and once you cross him? Well, he gets that from me. 🙈

Top Right: Daddy and his babies.

Bottom Left: Mommy in the hammock with her babies.

Bottom Middle: What 99% of our images look like when we try to take pictures ourselves.

Bottom Right: The one out of 100 that made it! 😂


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