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We Have a Pre-K Grad!

What better way to get back into the swing of things than shooting our baby girl's pre-k graduation pictures! When the pandemic hit we had a maternity and a newborn session coming up but we had to cancel and we spent the next few months inside with our kids. We are so lucky that we're teachers by day and were able to truly self isolate and stay healthy. However, we were sad that our little girl wouldn't get to have a graduation show or party with her classmates. In early June, we reached out to her school to offer a complimentary session to each of her classmates whose parents, I'm sure, were feeling the same way as us about their missed celebration. Her wonderful school let us borrow the gowns, we scheduled the parents individually over the course of two days and everyone came out to take their graduation pictures. The kids were so excited and seeing their little happy faces was the PERFECT way to get back into the swing of things now that we're officially taking sessions again! How cute is our Chloe though? Not that we're biased or anything... 😍 She got to take pictures with her cousin who is also graduating pre-k this year!


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