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Welcome Kai!

So a few months ago, us and Chantal were in talks to shoot her maternity session and then a few days before, everything got shut down! I remember my own maternity photos and how important they were to me and I was so upset for this mama, but safety came first. She called us a few weeks after she delivered her baby and luckily we were taking sessions again! We had the pleasure of shooting Kai just about two weeks ago and I got to cuddle this little squish for a few hours while taking the sweetest photos for this beautiful family.

Chantal and Gregory have known each other for about 21 years now. Fun fact: we all went to the same middle school! Anyway, although they drifted apart from time to time, they always remained great friends. In August of 2011, he asked her out on a dinner date and ended the night watching the sunset over dinner. In April of 2012 they decided to make it official while at a UFC event in Atlanta. Fast forward to now, and they have been together for eight years and have a beautiful one month old son—not to mention, she is already a bonus mom to two amazing boys who couldn't be with us for the shoot, but there's always next time!

The pandemic might have canceled Chantal's gender reveal, baby shower, and maternity session but

with the help of Gregory, some amazing nurses, and her doctor, she gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy, Kai, on 5/20/2020 weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz and measuring 21 inches! We wish this beautiful family all the best and lots and lots of cuddles, kisses and good health!


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