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Angelica and Sean

We had the pleasure of photographing Angelica and Sean’s intimate ceremony at Pinecrest Gardens this past weekend! We also spent time with them after the ceremony and captured their bridal portraits. Pinecrest Gardens is such a beautiful backdrop for any type of session really. This park makes you feel like you’re in a rainforest, except there are sidewalks for your convenience. 😂 Matt and I love to go with our kids every December when they light up the park beautifully for the holiday season!

Angelica told me that her and Sean met almost 13 years ago, in May of 2007 at a bar in Miami. They knew the same groups of people so they would run into each other at events, but not often. In August of 2016, they saw each other again but this time they spent about 6 hours talking about everything and they’ve been inseparable ever since! Can you imagine knowing your future spouse for years but never really knowing the potential you have together until 9 years later?! Has something like this happened to you?

This couple was so fun, and good-natured. They were pleasant, funny, and laidback, even when it rained on us for just a bit. Angelica braved me putting her in wet grass, wet pebbles, next to a cactus, and by some spiderwebs and she did it all in heels! Matt and I truly wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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