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Baby Annabel

WE LOVE WORD OF MOUTH! It's proof, for us, that our clients are so happy with their memories and photos that they want to pass that along. Laura and Kyle came recommended to us by a past client, Natalie who came recommended by ANOTHER client, Ingrid.

Laura did a mini-maternity session with us and baby Annabel was born shortly after on Christmas morning! We weren't able to shoot with her until the first week of January because we were out of the country, but man, once we got our hands on her little squishy self, did we ever enjoy it! This angel baby slept the entire time once we started the shots of her alone and she didn't pee or poop on me once, which was a first! I mean, I truly don't mind when babies do this to me but it was nice to go home in dry clothes!

When we get to a client's home for a newborn session, we always look around the house to try to get a feel for the family and we incorporate, whenever we can, some of their personal items into the session. We noticed right away that this family had a love for travel and so we grabbed a few items from around their house for baby Annabel's session and we love how they came out! And that photo of big sis Madeline with her new sister? 😍 Maddie was a great sport during the entire session. My daughter would have cussed me out if I made her pose during a two hour session! 😆

Also, we don't ever say no to dogs, but sometimes they say no to us! We really had to work some photoshop magic for them to look like they even wanted to be there posing with their new sibling, but we made it happen! We are suckers for pets and will incorporate them into your family sessions whenever you want!

Kyle and Laura have since moved to Chicago and we wish them all the luck in the world raising their beautiful daughters in the Windy City!


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