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  • Jess

All that Glitters IS Gold!

Matt and I met Cherell and Justin through one of my best friends, Asha whom I've known since middle school! I can't thank Ashie enough for introducing Matt and I to such an amazing couple and for believing in us to capture every perfect detail of their wedding.

If I had to describe our perfect bridal clients, it would be Cherell and Justin. They were full of ideas but also trusted us and our own visions, they were NOT shy in front of the camera and knew how to strike a pose when they needed to (and so did their entire bridal party!) and most importantly, they are "head over heels, you're the only one in the room, I can't stop smiling" in love. That's truly the part that makes a couple easy to photograph. It's hard for your photos to look anything LESS than fantastic when you're so happy and excited to be married to the love of your life that the photographers, the nerves, the time crunch, the small things that go wrong at every wedding, (yes at every wedding, sorry to break it to you!) none of that matters. All that matters is that you just got MARRIED and your cheeks hurt from smiling. By the way ladies: not only do your cheeks hurt, your feet hurt too if you're wearing heels. Cherell's feet were killing her but that did not stop her from looking absolutely perfect in every shot!

The Old Davie School Historical Museum in Florida was the site for Cherell and Justin's ceremony and reception. Everything looked absolutely gorgeous and Matt and I couldn't have been more excited to be shooting at a site like this! The bride and groom didn't know this, but it was our first time trying out some different lighting techniques for the reception with our brand new Alien Bee light and we were pretty proud of the dreamy lighting we acheived. We want our receptions to look soft and lit exactly how you would see them if you were present at the party. We hate when photos look "flashed" and so we were so happy at how the ceremony shots turned out and we're excited to continue to shoot receptions this way for all of our future couples!

Cherell and Justin were completely surrounded by love on their wedding day. From Cherell and Justin's immediate and extended families to Cherell's AKA sorority sisters; there were so many people there that were so genuinely happy for this lovely couple, us included. There were real, genuine expressions of love that we were honored to capture. Cherell's mom and her bridesmaids praying over her before she walked down the aisle, vows that were written personally by the bride and groom, dances with not just Cherell's dad or Justin's mom, but with all the parents, toasts from a teary best man, and a song from Cherell's sorority sisters, we truly could not have been more honored to have captured this wedding.

Cherell and Justin, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!


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