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  • Jessica

The Twincesses Make Their Debut!

We had the pleasure of shooting Safia and Charles' maternity session not too long ago at Hugh Taylor State Park (you can check out their blog post right before this post) and we knew that we would have to start preparing ourselves for our very first newborn TWIN session in the following weeks. I was really excited and went and bought some adorable matching props to bring to the session. After all, I do love any excuse to shop! I was also nervous though, not at having to pose two babies because I felt confident that I could do so safely, but I thought for sure that at least one of these beautiful princesses would be awake which is not ideal for a newborn session. Photographers LOVE sleeping newborns because then we can place them into all the adorable poses our clients spend hours looking for on Pinterest!

I did not expect both twins to sleep at the same time, I prepared myself for one to be awake and the other to be sleeping, then the other one would wake up the other one, then they'd both be awake.....and we would never be able to leave Safia's house hahaha!

Fears aside, Matt and I made a list of poses, put together our bags of props and off we went, ready for the challenge and super excited to get to cuddle two squishy babies at the same time! When we arrived, Leah and Avah were sleeping and I was cautiously optimistic! They were the most beautiful, tiniest little things! We immediately got to work and guess what? THEY SLEPT THE ENTIRE SESSION.




Thank you, GOD!

We captured so many beautiful images of these two perfect twincesses and their loving mommy, daddy, and big brother, that we gave our happy parents more than a few extra pictures to love and cherish! Leah and Avah behaved like the absolute angels they are and you would never know that they've been keeping their mommy and daddy up ALL night!

SORRY GUYS! Lots of coffee.

Congratulations to the very happy family!

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