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We are the Porters- LLC 2012

   Your photographers: from love, to marriage, to baby carriage!

June 7, 2016



As most of you know, I am a teacher by day.  A few months ago one of my students said to me “Mr. Porter my mom is getting married and wants to know if you can be her photographer?” A few emails later and it was set, we were the official photographers for Jessica and Ryan’s wedding! It was one of the fastest bookings Jess and I have ever had and all thanks to my students!


Jessica and Ryan are an extremely sweet couple and a modern day Brady Bunch family with 7 kids between them, each one of them sweet, smart, and extremely excited for their parents to get married! They met through mutual friends while Ryan was stationed in Ft. Riley, Kansas.  As Jessica tells it, her friends thought “she needed a Dominican in her life!”  Sealing the deal for them was the fact that on their first date, the song “At Last” was playing everywhere they went!


The wedding took place in Homestead, FL at the BEAUTIFUL Walton House.  This place has no shortage of gorgeous little hidden spots all around.  W...

March 30, 2016

I went to elementary and middle school with Cynthia and I hadn't seen her since then. We kept in touch on Facebook so I knew that she had two beautiful girls and when she contacted us about wanting to do a session with her family, Jess and I were excited to capture the love between a mom and her daughters. They came to the park in the cutest matching outfits and even though the weather wasn't cooperating toward the end of the session, we still made the best of it and captured some lovely moments between this family. Mother's Day is coming up sooner than you think and we're so glad Cynthia decided to get herself the best Mother's Day gift of all: LASTING MEMORIES.


Spa Days, facials, flowers, chocolate, jewelry and massages all make great gifts, don't get me wrong! Jess will be the first to tell you she loves when I get her a facial or a manicure for her birthday or just because I want to say thank you for being the amazing wife and mother that she is. However, there is nothing quit...

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