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Your photographers: from love, to marriage, to baby carriage!

       MATT                                JESS

                                              WHO WE ARE


Hi! Thanks for looking us up! We are Matthew and Jessica Porter but you can call us Matt and Jess. We are born and raised Miamians with Jamaican, Colombian, and Cuban blood between us. They don’t call Miami a melting pot for nothing! We fell in love 9 years ago, got married 7 years ago, started our photography business that same year, and had our first beautiful baby girl, Chloe in 2015 followed by our baby boy, Lucas in 2017. Photography has allowed us to spend more time together and explore our creative sides while meeting some awesome people along the way. On our downtime, we’re usually hanging out at home with Chloe, Lucas, Robyn, and Batman (our two fur babies) or we’re out enjoying the Florida sunshine at a park, pool, or beach. We’re big foodies and love to try new dishes and then come home and attempt to recreate them. We went through a phase where the only channel on in the house was Food Network but now with Chloe and Lucas around, the Disney Channel is getting a whole lot of airtime!


We started this business because we fell in love with capturing other couples’ love stories and giving them memories they can look back on with their children and grandchildren.  We are avid believers that photographs aren’t meant to stay in your phone or locked away in your computer! We love our clients because they value their families and loved ones and they understand that EXCELLENT photographs, like memories, can last a lifetime. When you look back on them you should look back on them with a smile which means that blurry cell phone pictures and selfies can NOT be the only thing you have to look at twenty years from now! The biggest reward we get from photography is getting that text, call, or email from our clients saying that they were so happy looking through their pictures that they cried, squealed, or jumped around ecstatically! That’s truly what it’s all about!


What we LOVE:

*God. It’s taken a whole lot of prayer and faith to get our business to where we are and it’s going to take a lot more to get to where we want to go. Our lives have been blessed over and over by Him in the form of our families, friends, and our gorgeous baby girl.

*Kids. We are both teachers by day! Jessica teaches 2nd grade and Matthew teaches middle school art. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you awaken a child’s mind and they “get” something for the first time! We have a tremendous admiration for our fellow teachers and wish they got more credit and respect!

* Dogs (and now, cats!) Our lives wouldn’t be the same without our fur babies. We had to say good-bye to our very first pets, Jack-Jack and Ruffles last year whom we'd loved for 13 and 17 years respectively. We now have a new and very entertaining pair, a kitten and puppy: Batman and Robyn. 

* Traveling. We LOVE to travel. About a year before our daughter was born we took the trip of a lifetime to Italy, France, and Spain. We also visited Jamaica that same year and when Jessica was seven months pregnant we went to Colombia as well. We would love to visit every state in the U.S. if we had the opportunity and we can’t wait to take Chloe and Lucas around the world when she gets older. So if you ask us if we can shoot your wedding and it requires us getting on a plane, the answer is automatically YES!


Now that you know a little more about us, it’s your turn! We look forward to getting to know you and capturing your love story!

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